Refund Policy

當客戶聲稱他/她沒有閱讀清楚到訂閱/服務條款時,VY Academy將不會承擔任何責任。我們的所有條款已清楚列明於我們的網站上。在訂閱課程之前,亦已要求學員同意相關條款。因此,學員於一開始建立帳戶後即被視為同意及接受所有條款。 

對於學員未能及時申請退款、課程觀看率已超過30%、或在30個日曆天後才決定不再使用服務,VY Academy概不負責。學員有30個日曆天時間決定是否想要保留帳戶,亦已經有充份預覽課程內容的機會,所以於30個日曆天後,或已觀看超過30%課程內容後,恕無法申請退款。


When the customer claims that he/she has not read the subscription/service terms clearly, VY Academy will not take any responsibility. All our terms are clearly listed on our website. Before subscribing to the course, students have also been asked to agree to the relevant terms. Therefore, the student is deemed to agree and accept all terms after creating an account at the beginning.

VY Academy is not responsible for students who fail to apply for a refund in time, the viewing rate of the course has exceeded 30%, or they decide not to use the service until 30 calendar days have passed. Students have 30 calendar days to decide whether they want to keep their account, and they have already had the opportunity to fully preview the course content. Therefore, after 30 calendar days or after viewing more than 30% of the course content, they cannot apply for a refund.

No refunds will be arranged for the suspension of student accounts due to violation of any website terms of use.